Nora Roberts: High Noon

Phoebe McNamara is Savannah's chief hostage negotiator. She meets Duncan Swift when she has to talk one of his former employees out of committing suicide by jumping from a roof. Both are attracted to each other, but Phoebe has reasons to avoid a relationship. There's also a dangerous criminal who wants to harm Phoebe - but can they find him and stop him before something horrible happens?

Well. Nora Roberts is a very prolific writer, but this certainly isn't one of her best novels. Phoebe's reason for thinking that she can't have a relationship with a man is plausible, which is definitely a refreshing change from the myriad of other "oh no, I must never fall in love"-romance novel heroes and heroines. But despite the fact that I usually like Nora Roberts' writing style, Phoebe and Duncan manage to get on my nerves, at least in the first half of the book. You see, they are very honest people, which shouldn't be a bad thing, but they literally share each and every thought that goes through their heads, which is. It makes their conversations quite stilted and unrealistic. The sex scenes also lack a certain something; they're utterly unsexy and unromantic. On the other hand, the book's pace picks up in the second half when the suspense plot is pushed to the foreground. This is a "satisfactory" book (Grade C).