Erin McCarthy: Flat-Out Sexy

Tamara Briggs is a race driver's widow with two young children. She has sworn to never again fall in love with a race driver: she wants a man who has a safe job that doesn't endanger his life on a daily basis. But then she has a one-night-stand with a young driver, Elec Monroe. It doesn't take long until both of them want more than an affair, and they start to date...but can Tamara risk falling in love with Elec, and what will her former in-laws say?

This is a thouroughly enjoyable book. It has nice characters who act, for the most part, like real people would. There's nothing overly dramatic, no villains, no secrets - it's just a love story with really likable characters. It's pure fun, and as such very recommendable . This is a "very good" book (Grade A).