Erin McCarthy: You Don't Know Jack

Jamie Peters works for a charity helping (former) criminals become upstanding citizens. She also has a history of dating losers. Jonathon Davidson (called Jack by his friends) is a millionaire who has been asked for a donation to Jamie's charity. Suspecting that the charity might be involved in something illegal, he decides to investigate. But when he and Jamie meet in person, they can't help being intensely attracted to each other.

I did have fun reading a book. It's not a keeper, but it's a good book to read on the beach or in the bathtub. There really isn't much wrong with the characters, they are fairly likable. But it's not the kind of book that makes you think, "oh, I wish something like this would happen to me in real life". You see, Jack does display some stalkerish behavior. He just won't take "no" for an answer from Jamie. Granted, he is aware that she is quite as attracted to him as he to her, and he knows that both of them only have the best of intentions with the charity and everyone involved - but I still think that if a woman tells a man to keep his hands off her, he should do so. This is a "good" book (Grade B)