Lisa Kleypas: Sugar Daddy

Liberty Jones grows up in a Texan trailer park with her single mom and her mom's many (useless) boyfriends. When her mother dies, she has to raise her sister Carrington on her own. Life is hard with no money and hardly any education, but there seems to be an anonymous benefactor who helps Liberty when she really needs it...then there's Hardy Cates, whom she fell in love with when she was a teenager and whom she meets again when she's grown up. But she also has a budding relationship with mega-rich Gage Travis. Now she has to choose between two lovers.

Liberty's story is easily readable and very entertaining, but also a bit shallow. Liberty is hardly ever really desperate, which she should be, considering her circumstances. At the end of the story, she's in a loving relationship and incredibly wealthy, but all of this happened without her contributing very much to her success. Still, Liberty is a likable protagonist who cares for her young sister and doesn't forget her friends from the trailer park, even when all her new friends are millionaires. There was something I wondered about though: there are no really mean characters in the book. It is fiction, of course, but even in fiction, the protagonists usually have to defeat a villain before they can have their happy end. This is a "good" book (Grade B)