Alison Kent: Wicked Games

After a drunken flirt during a vacation, Kinsey Gray and Doug Storey haven't had much to do with each other. Then Doug decides to move to another town, and Kinsey thinks that she might want him to stay. So, with some help from her best friends, she sets out to seduce him.

I should probably get smart and not read category fiction anymore. Most of the time it's a huge disappointment. This book certainly was. I've seldom met such a pair of unlikable protagonists. They definitely deserve each other. But let me point out a few things that are totally wrong with this book. First of all, Kinsey's job. She's supposed to be Vice President of Girl Gear, a company that...does something. Maybe they sell clothes, but who knows. She never works, and if there is a meeting with her colleagues (all women), they don't do much beyond discussing their personal lives and what they can do for this or that charity. Next, Kinsey's view of herself. The author mentions all of the time how gorgeous and well-dressed she is. Good for her, but then why is she afraid that nobody will bid for her at the bachelorette auction that happens in the book. Then, her plans to win Doug over. Stupid. She isn't sure if she wants him, she isn't sure if she even wants to fall in love, and she also doesn't know what she wants with Doug if it turns out he's interested. Also, the way she goes about this. She actually tries to be someone else! She invites Doug for dinner and pretends to be a great cook, even though she never cooks. She watches sports matches with him (can't remember if it was football or baseball), even though she isn't interested in sports. Whatever is she thinking? Is she thinking at all? Why does she even want this guy to fall in love with a person that isn't her? And let's not forget Doug, the "hero". He can be quite cruel to Kinsey at times. He has decided that he never wants to fall in love. Why? Because a girlfriend did something bad to him many years ago. Yes, he's a really mature and intelligent guy. Not. This is an "inadequate" book (Grade E)