Jilliane Hoffman: Retribution

Many years ago, law student Chloe Larson was brutally attacked and raped - the crime was so horrible it destroyed everything she was and everything she had, so much so, that even her relationships to her parents and friends didn't remain intact. Years later, calling herself CJ Townsend, she's a State Attorney in Florida. A man is charged with the crimes committed by a serial killer dubbed Cupid, and CJ is to prosecute him - but is he really Cupid, and is there a link to the assault on her so many years ago...?

This is an intensely suspenseful novel, one of those you can't put down until the end. It deals with some interesting ethical questions, and luckily, its end also gives you hope for a better future for CJ, whom your really get to like during the book. This is a "good" book (Grade B).