Jacquie D'Alessandro: Kiss the Cook

Melanie Gibson (called Mel, what else?) is the owner of a catering service who needs a loan. Christopher Bishop works for the accounting firm who is supposed to assess her business for the bank. They meet and are incredibly attracted to each other, but both have a reason to not fall in love with the other person.

That is all there is to this story. Really. Mel doesn't want to fall in love because she had one (one!) ex-boyfriend who cheated on her. She's in her mid-twenties, if I recall rightly. How many twenty-something women do you know who abjure all men because they were hurt by a former boyfriend? Chris doesn't want to fall in love because he wants to lead a carefree bachelor life and besides, he's really into skinny blonde model types (first few pages of the book) or curvy blonde lingerie model types (somewhat later in the book, since obviously the author couldn't decide) while Mel is auburn-haired. I'll have to admit that Chris gets over his stupid reasons for not wanting to date Mel quickly. The book is entertaining at times, which is why I don't give it a worse grade. However, Mel got on my nerves. She's stupid. She stutters and gets clumsy when Chris is around. The author runs amok with her silly "Mel's hormones are dancing a tango at the sight of Chris" jokes. Then there's Mel's grandma, who's supposed to be funny, but is just shrill and bothersome. "Kiss the Kook" would have been a more appropriate book title. This is a "barely satisfactory" book (Grade D)