Loretta Chase: Lord Perfect

Benedict Carsington, Viscount Rathbourne, has to look after his nephew Peregrine while his parents are staying in Scotland. When Peregrine joins his teacher's daughter, Olivia, in a mad treasure hunt, Benedict has to chase after the children in order to save them from unknown perils. He is accompanied by the teacher, beautiful Batsheba Wingate, who he's wildly attracted to...

This is an absolutely wonderful book, I enjoyed every minute of reading it. The characters are actual characters rather than stereotypes. They have quirks and characteristics like actual people, and the chemistry between the hero and heroine is so intense that you can see that they belong together - even though they both know that they can never marry (until the book's happy end, of course). And really, I could never resist a book with a declaration of love like this:

He smiled. "I shall never forgive you for that, Batsheba. For that and a great deal else. I believe I shall nurse a...grudge...to the end of my days."

"Ah, well, at least you won't forget me", she said.

"Forget you? I should as easily forget a bout of whooping cough. [...]"

This is a very good book (Grade A).