Suzanne Brockmann: Into the Fire

This book is one of Brockmann's Troubleshooters series. As always in these books, there are several storylines which are treated more or less with the same attention by the author. This time, the first one is about Vinh Murphy, a former Navy SEAL whom the Police and FBI want to find because they think he has killed his wife's murderer. Vinh himself isn't sure if he did that, since he is an alcoholic and was drunk at the time. His best friend, Hannah, wants to help him find out what happened. Another storyline deals with Eden Gillman, the pregnant 18 year old sister of Navy SEAL Danny Gillman. His colleague Izzy Zanella marries her, even though he knows he's not the baby's father. The third storyline is about several Troubleshooters characters known from previous books - all of them are deeply traumatized in one or another way. All of these characters meet in an action-packed finale.

I'll have to say that I enjoyed reading this book. It's certainly not the best in the series (these are Out of Control and Gone to Far), but it isn't the worst either. The characters are interesting and as always, it's well written. Brockmann is really good at writing action scenes. But there's something that bothers me a bit. Nearly every Navy SEAL-character from Brockmann's previous books gets a job at Troubleshooters, a California-based security firm. Their partners, too, if they happen to be unemployed. All of them are so damaged and traumatized in one way ore another that they need therapy. This makes Troubleshooters seem more like a charity than an enterprise. I am aware this is fiction, but some of these things require me - the reader - to suspend disbelief more than I can, and that's not an entirely good thing. This is a "good" book (Grade B)