Jennifer Armintrout: The Turning

Dr. Carrie Ames is working in a hospital ER when she is attacked by a patient who was thought to be dead. It turns out that this patient is a vampire and now, so is Carrie. She quickly finds out that there is a whole population of vampires , and now she has to figure out if she wants to belong to the "good" vampires (who only drink the blood of willing donors) or to the bad vampires (who figure they rule the world and, being on top of the food chain, can kill anyone they want to).

There is an unusual reason why I bought this book: I read a few messages of its author on a message board that has nothing at all to do with vampire fiction. I was very impressed with her intelligence and eloquence. And I really wanted to like the book, but it was a huge disappointment. I didn't like - or even understand - Carrie, the protagonist, at all. As a doctor, she's a total failure. Most of the time, she doesn't know what she wants, and even when she does, she changes her opinion about every other minute. Her characterization is just this inconsistent. One minute, she nearly faints with fear, and in the next, she single-handedly takes out the evil vampire's guard. Carrie doesn't seem to be terribly smart either, since the only thing that's consistent about her is the fact that she always acts without thinking and then either goes "oops" or blames someone else when something goes wrong (and it always does). I should probably also mention that there are one or two really disgusting sex scenes. At the end of the book, I hardly cared what happened to any of the characters - I just wanted it to be over. This is an "inadequate" book (Grade E).