Shirl Henke: Wanton Angel

A devoted artist, Elizabeth Blackthorne had earned a scandalous reputation with her free-spirited ways - she'd been known to run about unchaperoned and even pose nude. But Englishman Derrick Jamison was uncharted territory, and Beth had no idea how deep his waters ran. He acted the part of a foppish dandy, yet something in his ocean-blue eyes suggested a complexity she was eager to unravel...if his disarming smile and intoxicating touch didn't unravel her first. Beth Blackthorne had bowled him over the day they met. True, the fire-haired American was chasing her dog and hadn't meant to topple him, but the fit of her lush body against his completely distracted Derrick from his mission of spying against Napolean. From the United States across the seas to England, her siren call beckoned until the earl knew the only safe harbor he would find was in the arms of his...wanton angel