Sandra Brown: Where There's Smoke

A womaniser and an adventurer, Key Tackett lives fast and loves loosely, savouring life and all its pleasures tho the full. As a pilot he flies wherever the mood takes him until, on his return to his Texan roots, he is stopped in his tracks by Dr. Lara Mallory, a woman bound up with the scandal of his family's past. Defying the seething hostility of the entire community, Lara Mallory has come to settle in Eden Pass - Key's home town. She has come for a purpose. Her quest is to secure a deal with the one man who has every reason to refuse her, if not hate her. It is a deal for which she is prepared to risk everything, body and soul, and for which she will go anywhere, from the oilfields of Texas to the violent terrains of Central America. Private and political intrigue underlie personal relationships in this breathtaking drama of secret lusts, impulsive love and hidden desires. Where There's Smoke reveals that rumours can hide darker truths.