Catherine Creel: Scoundrel's Bride

After months at sea, virile Ryan Gallagher was hungry for a woman. Then he saw raven-haired Hillary Reynolds, and the lusty captain would settle for no less. Her violet eyes promised infinite passion; her creamy skin was flushed with desire. Crazed with wanting her, Ryan would go to any extreme just to have the nubile witch clasped in his firm embrace and begging for his touch! Innocent Hillary Reynolds felt nothing but disgust for all the seamen who overran her island home, starved for wine and wenches...until she met dashing Ryan Gallagher. His tanned physique overwhelmed her with his masculinity; his aura of force and power vanquished her restraint. In a moment of wild abandon, she offered herself to his caress like a purring tigress, sure that come dawn, he'd put a ring on her finger and make her his blushing scoundrel's bride.