Sanders, Glenda: Scandalous Suzanne

Southern belle Suzanne Crane has set out to make life difficult for her father's Yankee guest, handsome Ethan Todd. But their sharp-witted flirtation leads to a stolen kiss in the garden, and a prank that lands them in the ice-house, locked in for the night. Nothing but a hasty marriage will save Suzanne from scandal, and her father insists on it. Though reluctant at first, Ethan soon warms to the idea of marrying a woman who is as saucy as she is pretty. Yet Suzanne remains true to her stubborn nature, and pride will not allow her to acknowledge the truth in her heart: that this Northern fellow's heated kisses and tender gestures are melting her resistance. And even as the sparks fly between this warring couple, the fires of passion are demanding surrender, and a peace treaty signed with love.