Nora Roberts: Brazen Virtue

The steamy summer streets of Washington are no match for the phone lines of Fantasy, Inc., where every man's dreams come true. The "hotline" works perfectly for its anonymous clients and the teachers and housewives who moonlight as call girls...until a brilliant madman plugs in with twisted passion. A different kind of passion brings Grace McCabe and Ed Jackson together - a passion for justice, revenge...and each other. Grace McCabe, the gorgeous bestselling mystery writer is determined to trap her sister's killer, to bait him with the same seductive voice that triggered his murderous lust...Ed Jackson, the handsome cop assigned to the case, has finally found the love of his life, and lost his professional cool. Somewhere in the darkness someone is waiting, listening for the voice that will bring him back to the scene of the crime for one last thrill, promising ecstasy - and death.