Judy Mercer: Fast Forward

The dream jolts her awake. In the hazy, gray glint of a Los Angeles dawn, it leaves her feeling anxious, disconnected...Her memory has vanished. She doesn't know if Ariel Gold, the name on a California driver's license, is hers. All she knows in her panic is that she is badly cut and bruised; she is in a house that has been viciously ransacked; and, on a crumpled heap of clothes, there is a blood-caked shirt - and a gun. Alone, completely disoriented, "Ariel" begins her search through a stranger's life, determined to find out who may be trying to harm her. Concealing her amnesia, she starts to improvise her new life, moment by unpredictable moment, in the worlds of high-fashion modeling and the New York theater. But someone is watching her every move - and Ariel's stubborn quest is leading her right into the sights of a killer.