Jayne Ann Krentz: Eye Of The Beholder

At a luxurious Arizona resort, a hard-edged businessman and a beautiful art consultant make a tantalizing mind-body connection - while a killer threatens their piece of paradise. After a career-stalling tangle with a fraudulent gallery owner, Art Deco expert Alexa Chambers is ready to take risks to rebuild her reputation. But when she secretly consults on an exquisite collection for the new Avalon Resorts, she desn't know she will cross paths with the hotel's owner, the enigmatic and possibly threatening J. L. Trask. Years ago, Trask accused Alexa's stepfather of murder - and vowed he would return to Avalon for revenge. Now, their meeting is inevitable - and attraction immediate - as they trade sizzling sparks and snappy repartee. But when a killer emerges from the shadows, these sensual sparring partners team up to solve a deadly crime from the past. Following a trail of clues to a trendy but decidedly strange New Age spa, Trask and Alexa don't need a crystal ball to see that their survival - and their chances of bliss - will depend on a little help from a higher power: a true and trustworthy love.