Nina Bangs: The Pleasure Master

Stranded by the side of a New York highway on Christmas Eve, hairdresser Kathy Bartlett was of the opinion that men and cars had a lot in common: great form, no function, and they both overheated at the wrong time. When she wished herself somewhere warm and peaceful with a subservient male at her side, she found herself transported all right, but to Scotland in 1542 with the last man she would have chosen. With the face of a dark god or a fallen angel, and the reputation of being able to seduce any woman, Ian Ross was the kind of sexual expert Kathy avoided like the plague. So when she learned that the men in his family were competing to prove their prowess, she sprayed hair mousse on his brothers' "love guns" and swore she would never succumb to the explosive attraction she felt for Ian. But as the competition heated up, neither Kathy nor Ian reckoned on the most powerful aphrodisiac of all: love.