Dear Booklover!

"Books are like rabbits - they become more and more numerous until you don't know where to keep them anymore"

This is a quotation from a furniture shop's commercial, but it is also a law of nature. My books have become very numerous indeed, and I just don't know where to keep them anymore! For me, this is not only a problem, but it was also a very welcome occasion to create this homepage.

It is my intention to sell books as if this was a flea market, or to exchange them for other books. Please keep in mind that is is not a commercial website, and that I did not create it in order to earn some money. I just want to make some room in my book shelves.

So this is how it works: I have sorted the books I'd like to sell or exchange for other books. There's a list of German books and a list of English books. Besides, I have sorted them by genre: there are mysteries, romances, fantasy and so on. In the lists, each book has a link and if you click on it, a window containing the book's back blurb will open. If you would like to know how other readers thought about this book, please take a look at my link page. You'll find links to some really interesting websites that contain lots of book reviews. If you would like to buy a book or exchange it for one of yours, just send me an e-mail.

Did you know? Some time ago, I've started to proclaim my opinions about the books I've read. You can check them out in the "reviews" section of these pages.

Have fun and enjoy yourself on my homepage!

Greetings to all booklovers from


P.S.: If you suffer from a condition of chronic crankiness, or your day was lousy and you want to let off some steam, please write a letter to the editor of your favourite newspaper or become a guest in a talk show. But if you have comments or suggestions regarding my homepage, please feel free to send me an e-mail!